5 Common Hair Care Mistakes People Make

Common Hair Care Mistakes People Make

People living in our country encounter several environmental pollutants that increase hair problems. Every individual faces hair problems that require a healthy hair care regimen that maintains the goodness of your mane.

However, many people still make some common hair mistakes that they don’t know. In their perspective, those mistakes are a solution. Therefore it is essential to avoid the mistakes that cause severe hair damage.

We have essentially mentioned below some of the common mistakes people make while practicing hair care.

Tying Or Sleeping With Damp Hair 

Dermatologists and hair care experts have essentially suggested that tying or holding strands of damp hair can lead to hair breakage. It can be a costly outcome for females who ties their wet hair as the tightened and pulled hair can cause traction alopecia (hair fall) that can completely ruin your beautiful personality.

Furthermore, People need to avoid sleeping while the hair is still wet as it stresses the hair threads and allows the proliferation of fungus on the scalp. It is crucial to dry your hair before hitting the sack so that your hair won’t be in a distressful situation.

Usage of Sulfate Shampoo

It is a common myth that shampoos that offer more foam are faultless and provide maximum protection to hair. Unfortunately, that’s entirely untrue.

The foam lathers up on your head as it contains an excessive amount of sulfate. It is a substance that can be hazardous for your hair and its health. It negatively impacts your hair by stripping away the natural moisture of your hair that leaves your hair dry.

Before purchasing a hair care product in Pakistan, an individual needs to read the ingredients thoroughly and ensure it is sulfate-free.

However, it can consume a substantial amount of time to delving a shampoo that meets your needs and pertains to the healthiness of your mane.

We have essentially mentioned below an ideal sulfate-free shampoo that consists of healthy ingredients and can provide your hair with desired care.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Sulfate-free Shampoo 

 Beautyfly is essentially delivering OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Sulfate-free Shampoo of significance that contains sulfate-free surfactants that effectively cleanses your hair and formulates from coconut oil, coconut milk that can be a perfect hair care regimen and delivers results of your aspects.

Not Oiling 

Hair oiling is an excellent antidote for your lifeless hair as it is a simple solution for dry, frizzy, and split ends. Oiling will retain your hair’s moisture and reduce the signs of dandruff in your hair. Every individual needs to oil their hair before washing as it constructs a solid protective shield around your hair that lessens the hair breakage during a wash.

Moreover, oiling enhances the shine of hair and moisture that essentially withstands split ends and breakage. Coconut and olive oil are essential oils that can reduce protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair.

Washing Your Mane With Hot Water 

Soaking your hair with hot water is another common mistake during hair care practice. Rinsing your hair with hot water can strip away the essential oils from your hair and dehydrate the scalp, resulting in frizz and static.


Haircare experts recommend rinsing hair with lukewarm water or cold water that locks the moisture in your scalp and retains the hydration of your scalp.

Heat Styling Wet Hair

We all know that styling is best performed on damp hair but not on dripping wet hair. However, the heat application on damp hair can be a mismatch combination. It is essential to softly pat down your wet hair with a dry towel and soak out the water.


Before heat styling, your hair, blow-dry up a bit and make sure it isn’t set on too hot. By utilizing the flat nozzle of the hairdryer, dry your hair from root to end. Drying up your hair in this strategy can help you close the cuticles and avoid hair damage.


Caring for your hair is similar to caring for your loved ones as it requires our love. Avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above can help you considerably as it will help you retain your hair’s strength.

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