5 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Whether you are a professional beautician or someone who just likes to do a few touch-ups, every lady longs to benefit from a few makeup tricks. Most females go through the daunting task of making mesmerizing cat eyes or contours when there are myriad tricks that you can apply while handing your face.

If you want your makeup to go smoother and swankier—You need to know some amazing makeup hacks that will surely make your day and help you go ahead in your time with the new easy makeup lifestyle.

For our Loving Beautyflyans, we have gathered some amazing and effortless makeup tips that will make your makeup day the best and better than ever!

5 Makeup tips to save your Day

We know your vanities are overflowed with exotic makeup products in Pakistan. However, you may handle the tool pretty well by knowing some tips.

Apply Your Foundation before Concealer

The effortless way to uplift your beauty in your makeup routine is to try applying your foundation before concealer. Experts suggest that applying foundation before concealer helps minimize redness and discoloration on your skin surface. Later on, use concealers to treat the remaining redness for a perfect surface. Moreover, the foundation before concealing prevents skin creasing and caking.

However, if you want your makeup to go smooth, it is critical to obtain the best makeup product in Pakistan that will handle your face perfectly well. We have mentioned below concealers and foundation that you should give a whirl.

NYX total Drop Foundation

The lightweight and blendable NYX total drop foundation rapidly blends into your skin for a flawless yet healthy finish. It camouflages skin imperfections’ appearance and helps keep your skin hydrated and smooth. It contains a purely vegan formula, cruelty-free, and proudly certified by PETA! The NYX total drop foundation price in Pakistan is relatively low so that you can appear flawless without paying extra cash.

You can delve into our website to find the best halal Makeup brands in Pakistan that are pure from anything that puts our Imaan in danger.

Comb your Brows with a Spoolie Brush

If you are late for work or an occasion you need to attend to—try fixing your eyebrows with a spoolie brush. It takes nearly a few seconds to prep your eyes with a spoolie brush. The brush makes sure that your every brow hair is spot on.

PRO TIP: by delving into our website, you can effortlessly find the best makeup brushes price in Pakistan. You can swirl the cosmetics with a qualified brush onto your face and eyebrows without paying a hefty amount.

Exfoliate your Lips Thoroughly Before Applying Lipstick

In order to keep your lips plumpy and smooth, you need to keep them exfoliated for smoother and pink lips. Scrubbing away the dry skin with lip exfoliate leaves your lips feeling and looking smoother and softer for canvas with a layer of lip gloss.

For perfect pink lips, Exfoliate your lips once a week—Keep in mind that thorough exfoliation may lead to irritation. So, it is vital to limit the use to once a week.

If you want your lips to appear fuller and exotic, try using the best lipstick makeup products in Pakistan that lets your lips appear more beautiful than ever!

NYX Butter Gloss

The GOAT NYX butter gloss is here to deliver glossy perfection to your delicate lips. It offers non-stick shine that you can use anywhere and anytime! The little gloss can be easily carried in your clutches or handbags. The gloss smoothly glides onto your lips, provides a delicious buttery taste, and offers a glossy finish. To top it off, the NYX butter gloss price in Pakistan is quite reasonable—letting you keep your lips plumpy and pouty without demanding hefty cash.

Embellish your Eyeshadow with White Liner to make it Pop!

If you have enriched your dressing rooms with myriads of eyeshadow palettes or other Makeup products in Pakistan, You need to know a beautiful hack to make your eyeshadows pop!

If you are going ahead with less pigmented eyeshadow—blend it with a white eyeliner pencil over your eyelid first. Later, swirl the eyeshades on the top. The white liner will create an intensity in your eyes and make the shadow pop.

If you are looking for the perfect eyeshadows for exciting parties, hop over to the Eye shadows & palette section to find the best makeup kit price in Pakistan.

Draw a Hashtag before smoking your Eyes

Most females query—how to make your smoky eyes sultry all the time? To sustain your eye smokes, use a creamy eyeliner to draw a diagonal hashtag symbol on the side of your eyelids. Later on, blend the hashtag with the sponge or a smudging brush. Brushing the hashtag will ensure that your eyeshades are symmetrical.


Using the makeup tips and techniques mentioned above will make your makeup day the best in your life. Moreover, you can flex up the techniques to your friends in order to be called the makeup queen. However, all the techniques depend on your makeup product type. Therefore, you need to get your hands on qualified makeup products in Pakistan with price that is completely reasonable—to keep your vanities enriched while paying less.

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