7 Ways to Avoid Dry Hair in Winter

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When the winter strikes, embrace yourself for the assailing of dried hair. Winter can be harsh on every hair type. Similarly to the skin, tresses require extra protection against the cold to remain hydrated, soft, and healthy. Plus, the indoor heater can wreak havoc on delicate hairstyles.

Therefore, we have 7 Ways to Avoid Dry Hair in Winter that will keep your hair healthy every winter day & night. Now get ready to have a good hair day in winter too!

Wear a Hat

It is vital to cover your hair in the time of winter to protect it from the weather ravages that rob moisture from your hair. Winter is the bad time of the year can lead to hair breakage and destroys the lovely look of your mane.

However, cotton, wool, and other mere fabrics can also make your hair prone to damage. Ensure to indulge in a hat lined with silk or satin to avoid unnecessary hair damage. Moreover, using dry oil spray is vital to combat static electricity under your hat. Dry oils are lightweight and hold natural oils to retain preferred moisture levels in your hair to keep it shiny.

Keep your Hair Trimmed

We understand that you love your lengthy tresses. However, it is vital to take a heart-breaking step to trim hair for the potency of the enjoyable part of your body. Trimming hair after every four to six weeks can be essential to maintain needful hair healthily to keep your locks feeling invigorating. It is recommended to Take a half inch off the bottom of your hair to lessen the chances of dry and split ends emerging.

‍Take a Balance Diet

Flourish your body and belly with whole greens to keep the dryness at bay during winter. It is recommended to consume a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to keep your body jacked with vitamins and essential fatty acids—critical to healthy hair.

Take Lukewarm Showers

Hot and relaxing is all you need to shower during freezing temperatures. However, hot water can suck out all the essential moisture from your hair resulting in brittle and prone to breakage. For that exact purpose, it is recommended to wash your hair with lukewarm water to keep your hair maintained.

Subsequently, follow up with a quick cold rinse to keep your hair healthy—this little step might take your life out but might donate some benefits to your lifeless mane.

Deeply Condition your Hair Once a Week

Winter is all about dryness. Therefore it is crucial to keep your hair moist, no matter what it costs you. For that exact purpose, utilize a leave-in conditioner every week to refill the moisture in your hair and fight the harmful effects of heat styling products, cold winds, and even indoor heating. Static or buzzy hair is common when the cold weather victimizes your hair. Therefore, retaining needful moisture in your hair will keep it safe from the cost ravages.

Are you tired of finding a conditioner that fits the type of hair during winter? Don’t worry! Beautyfly has got it covered for you. We have mentioned below a leave-in conditioner that swears to leave your hair shiny, hydrated and moisturized.

TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner

If you are looking for an effective formula to keep your hair glossier and hydrated during winter, this conditioner should be your first bet. It consists of a hydrating blend that nourishes your dry hair into a moisturized and silky texture. It is merely formulated with enriching vitamin E to keep your hair strong and healthy during the times of winter. The conditioner promises to deliver 7x moisture to your hair—so you can feel the literal moisture resting on your hair strands. The Tresemme rich moisture conditioner comes at a very negotiable price compared to its breathtaking benefits.

Don’t Rush out with Wet Hair

Wet hair is more prone to damage rather dry hair. Rushing outside in winter with wet strands can ignite your hair to freeze and break. However, coming out with damp hair is a common habit of ladies in Pakistan. It is vital to ensure that your hair is fully air-dried before commencing your day out. Cold hair inflates the hair shaft and makes it more vulnerable.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water aids in energizing and appreciating hair growth from root to tip. It also motivates a healthier scalp, averting scalp problems like dryness, dandruff, and itchiness, during the winter.


The points mentioned above will help you maintain healthy sets of hair during the chilly months. Keep in mind to utilize hydrating and dryness-fighting shampoos throughout the winter to defeat hair dehydration in the best way!

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