Best Wet n Wild & Other Makeup Products In Pakistan Right Now

Best Wet n Wild & Other Makeup Products in Pakistan Right Now

If you strive for something sexy and accentuating, surely wet n wild should be your first pick for the enrichment of your vanities. Wet n wild is a renowned makeup brand that thrives on delivering exotic results that uplifts the individual’s look in the eyes of their lover.

Wet N Wild Pakistan

Wet n wild debuted in 1979 with lipsticks and nail polishes priced at 99 cents, and the same lipsticks and nail polishes are still available at the same price today. The headquarters of the company is in Los Angeles, California. Their products have always been cruelty-free! Furthermore, wet n wild products are the most reasonably priced on the market. Moreover, the company utilize the finest materials to innovate something special that stands out better than its competitors.

However, several beauty enthusiasts female is baffled to recognize one of the best wet n wild makeup that keeps their personality constantly appealing yet dominant to their Instagram followers.

For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below some of the enhancive wet n wild products along with other heart-throbbing brands that will leverage you to take some extra cash out for your vanities.

Wet n wild Black Orchid lipstick

Wet n Wild Black orchid lipstick is one of the finest lipstick that you can get your hands on. The formula contains the same essentials as the other wet n wild variants: rich colour, vitamins A & E, aloe vera, and feels like soft silk gliding across your lips. It contains antioxidants in macadamia nut oil, which hydrates your lips for a smooth, supple pout. Plus, the lipstick is made without harming animals! In addition, the wet n wild black orchid price in Pakistan is relatively low and offers the magnificent result of your desires.

Nevertheless, if you desire to create outstanding and vibrant borders on your juicy lips, then surely wet n wild lip liner will strike a sixer in your vanities. The lip liners are merely formulated with skin-loving ingredients that glide onto your lips mesmerizingly. Plus, the price is also budget-based—what more do you want!?


  • It is cruelty-free
  • It comes at a cost-effective price as compared to its potential benefits.
  • It offers vibrant shades to keep your looks aesthetic.

Wet n wild foundation

There is no Makeup without foundation on your face. Needless to say, foundations are considered the backbone of your exotic makeup. Subsequently, wet n wild foundations have leveraged your makeup backbone and strive to deliver the desired result every time you swirl it or pat your face! For that exact purpose, Beautyfly has mentioned below some exquisite wet n wild foundations to maintain your makeup and accentuate.

Classic Beige Foundation

This skin-perfecting foundation delivers an instant selfie-ready face to dazzle your world on social media with the exquisiteness of classic beige! The wet n wild classic beige foundation provides a beat selfie-ready face to dazzle your world on social media! This mind-dazzling foundation is made with a light-diffusing complex to give you the best skin possible. The revolutionary formula has been tested in various photo light conditions to ensure its quality for instant beautiful selfies!

Fond De Teint Lumineux Foundation

This high-performing wet n wild foundation contains a matte, light-diffusing complex that helps prevent white cast in photos and delivers a radiant-looking complexion. This foundation, colour-matched for all undertones and has a matte, second-skin finish, provides buildable coverage for a flawless-looking complexion in any light. Moreover, the foundation comes at a reasonable price range to deliver authentic yet needful makeup results without demanding hefty money.

Wet N wild Megalast High Shine Lip Color

With Wet N Wild mega last high shine lipstick, show off your accentuated and slick lips to your social media followers. The lipstick is formulated with delicious but natural ingredients, and the lip colour helps keep your lips nourished, pouty, hydrated, and, of course, juicy! This lipstick effectively delivers ultimate moisture and nourishment to the exquisiteness of your lips. It is made with a potent blend of murumuru butter, mango butter, sunflower seed oils, and watermelon seed oil for added nourishment. The high-shine lipstick contains a long-wearing formula that glides on smoothly for a creamy texture. Your delicate lips will not be feathered or bled by the superior lipstick.


  • It maintains the vibrancy of your lips for several hours.
  • Natural and delicious ingredients are used to keep your lips soft.
  • The lipstick is not going to feather, cake, or bleed.
  • It is free of cruelty.

Beauty Palettes

The end touchup on your lashes or a honey glowing blush on your face will keep you looking magnificent spotlight amid stylish and trendsetters. Therefore, we have mentioned below some exotic beauty palettes that go on a flawless silhouette and a pinky blush!

Huda Beauty Glow Obsession Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty glow obsession is filled with stunning shades that allow you to achieve your desired illumination while fitting in your pockets! It has four skin-illuminating shades that don’t go on heavy on the eyes. The eyeshadows are made with a breathable or lightweight formula that allows you to achieve a silky, luminous finish in just a few good swirls. The shades blend so well into your skin that you won’t even notice they’re there! The palette contains exclusive baking technology for maximum shine delivery. The palette also includes 40-50% ultimate fine pearls to enhance the exoticism reflection.


  • It has four different eye shades for different skin tones.
  • It includes highly pigmented colours.
  • It is free of parabens.
  • It is non-allergenic.
  • It has no fragrance.

Huda Beauty Nude Medium Eyeshadow Palette

With a swipe of Huda Kattan’s Nude Obsession eyeshadow palette, you can easily seduce your loved one. The palette includes 9 stunning shades that allow you to be sexy in your own unique way and style! It is simply customized to match every skin tone and eye colour. The colours range from dreamy mattes to super-shimmer shades to metallic shades. It quickly blends into your skin, leaving you with a reflective finish. The palette comprises luxurious creamy praline hues in both cool and warm textures. The palette also includes peachy colours with hints of lavender and mauve. The Nude medium eyeshadow palette will help you with your makeup and important social occasions. It’s also paraben-free!


  • It has 9 different eye shades.
  • It includes highly pigmented colours.
  • It is free of parabens.
  • It is non-allergenic.
  • It has no fragrance.

Elf contour Sculpt & Shade Palette

What more could you want in a cosmetic that offers sculpting & shading in four shades while being packaged in a compact box? The Elf contour palette sculpts, and the shade contains four bronzing shades that essentially brighten the skin’s complexion while flawlessly sculpting and shading your beauty! It is formulated with a powerful formula that contains enriching vitamin E to keep your skin nourished and beautiful daily!


  • It has four exciting bronzing face shades.
  • It contains vitamin E, which helps to nourish your skin.
  • The contours and shades your face for visible cheekbones.

NYX 3 Steps to Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette

Contour, highlight, and illuminate—the three steps to sculpting palette produce far more accentuated results. The palette includes three enticing effects for achieving a bold yet accentuated look. The three shades contour, highlight, and illuminate your flawless skin for a party-perfect glow! The shades have a creamy texture that blends seamlessly into your face for a natural and sculpted appearance.


  • With this single palette, you can contour, highlight, and illuminate your cheeks.
  • It is made with a blendable formula that absorbs quickly into your skin.
  • It is appropriate for a wide range of skin tones.


The wet n wild makeup and other enticing beauty products mentioned above will instantaneously let you achieve the bold and desired looks you were eager to obtain for an extensive period. Keep in mind that Huda Beauty palettes come at a crucial price range that might keep your money for daily essentials at bay. However, the results will surely be satisfactory per the fortunate price range.

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