How to Stop Hair fall? The Ultimate Ideas to Prevent Hair Fall

How To Stop Hair Fall?

Hairfall is the most common problem encountered by individuals. Half of the population on earth is a victim of hair fall. Do you know? Every individual loses 100 hair strands in a day but won’t notice due to the rapid growth of new hair strands—the stoppage of hair growth results in the visibility of hairline, known as alopecia.

There are several reasons for hair fall, such as:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Aging
  • Heredity

The bullets mentioned above are known as the standard hair fall reasons individuals encounter. In addition to that, telogen effluvium is a hair fall symptom contributed by stress or happened during pregnancy. It is caused by the side effects of medications otherwise due to the health conditions.

Hair fall brings a massive downfall to the individual’s personality due to the bald spots and visibility of the hairline.

You may have heard of an old quote “every problem has its solution .” So you are in luck! We have mentioned below clinically approved and the best ideas that will save your hair day!

Maintain the Mediterranean Diet 

The consumption of vegetables and fresh herbs, also known as the Mediterranean diet, helps in curing your hair fall. A recent study shows the Mediterranean diet lessens the hazards of androgenic alopecia ( pattern of baldness) or slows its process.

Consumption of fresh greens such as basil, parsley, or salad frequently in a week may put an end to hair fall and also helps in stimulating hair growth.

Increase the Intake of Protein 

Hair follicles are mostly made from proteins called keratin. The deficiency of essential participants such as amino acids agitates hair fall.

Consuming the daily diet enriched in protein helps prevent hair loss; the healthy intake of eggs, nuts, beans, peas, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and dairy products containing low fat will surplus the protein in your body and stimulate your hair growth.


Biotins are, also known as vitamin B7 or H, consist of fatty acid synthesis in the body. The deficiency of vitamin B7 slows down the hair life cycle and later contributes to hair loss. The consumption of biotin supplements or washing your head with biotin-enriched shampoo may encourage your hair follicles to grow healthy and robust hair strands rapidly.

Maintain Good Hair Care 

Consuming healthy foods are beneficial to your health plus, it helps in stimulating hair growth. But that is not enough; how can you expect your hair to grow strong until it is not appropriately catered. Therefore it is vital to cater to your hair with what it is thirsty for. There are several ways to cure hair fall by maintaining restorative hair care.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

If you aren’t showering daily, then expect hair fall to kickback. Therefore, it is essential to wash your hair daily to reduce hair loss due to a clean and healthy scalp and hair. The best way to prevent hair fall is by utilizing mild shampoo infused with nourishing ingredients that retain the hydration and nourishment in your hair.

Don’t go for the harsh formula in the shampoo that dehydrates your hair and contributes to breakage.

Coconut Oil

Massaging your head daily with coconut oil may protect against hair loss; coconut oil contains lauric acid that binds a protein in your hair and shields against breakage. It also helps prevent hair damage from exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is essentially used to condition your hair to protect against dryness and breakage. Olive oil is a central ingredient in the Mediterranean diet that slows the genetic process of hair loss. Massaging your hair daily with branded or natural olive oil will rehydrate your hair follicles and contribute to regrowth.

Many individuals in Pakistan don’t massage their heads with coconut or other beneficial oils. Massaging your head with natural hair oils promotes good blood flow and encourages hair regrowth. In addition to that, hair oils contribute to the strength and nourished hair you desire the most in your lifetime, and they also keep your hair hydrated throughout the day.

Embellish your Hair Gently

Stressing your hair with tight braids or ponytails pulls your hair at the root and contributes to excessive shedding of mane. Furthermore, reduce the usage of heat styling products such as curling irons, hair straighteners; the extreme heat of these products may damage your hair and leads to breakage.

Therefore it is vital to air dry your hair and comb it with a natural fiber brush. The natural fiber brush gently exfoliates your scalp and lessens the risk of injuring your skin due to bristles’ flexibility.

Hair Chemicals or Colors

Treating your hair with chemicals, perms, or hair color vandalizes your hair and scalp. Most hair colors are formulated with peroxide and ammonia that blends into your hair strands and scalp and destroys the essentials maintained in your mane, leading to hair loss. Therefore it is vital to avoid hair chemicals for maintaining strong hair.

However, if you are enthusiastic about embellishing your hair with beautiful colors, enquire your hairstylist about organic hair dyes that don’t contain ammonia, peroxide, and PPD so that you can style up your hair without damaging its potential

For hairstyling enthusiasts, beautyfly offers the best hair colors formulated with organic ingredients that will embellish your hair without harming its texture. Beautiful provides the best hair care products in Pakistan that will essentially help you maintain the solid and enchanting beauty of hair.


We acknowledge that yoga is not part of a daily routine for individuals in Pakistan. However, hair loss is sustained due to stress, and it responds well to yoga. Practicing diverse yoga poses such as downward-facing dog, shoulder stand, forward bend, etc., will help the blood flow. Performing yoga will help you clear your mind from stressful thoughts and deliver a feeling of peace and calm to the veins of your brain and put an end to hair loss.


Hair loss is a common problem encountered by individuals and can be effortlessly reversed by following the aforementioned ultimate ideas. Furthermore, utilizing hair care products in Pakistan infused with essential hair growth ingredients will stimulate hair growth and contribute to nourishment, strength, and hydration.

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