elf Line & Define Eye Tape Contains 40 Strips

Create Eyes that dazzle your world on social media with the help of Elf line & define Eye tape. This skin-safe makeup tape creates a barrier between your makeup and skin for more dramatic and mesmerizing sculpting of your eyes.

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The 20 strips packet of Elf defines eye tape helps you create eyes that the most popular Instagram influencer creates! It allows you to innovate those tricky angles efficiently for fierce cat eyes.


  • Innovate those tough designs—NOW EASILY!

The Elf Define Eye tape allows you to create those tough designs that many influencers embellish.

  • It is Latex-free

The Elf define eye tape is free from latex.

It is Gentle for Sensitive skin

The elf eye defines tape as skin-friendly tape that is gentle to be taped on sensitive skin.

About the product

  • Allows you to create designs of your designs appropriately and with balanced lines on both eyes.
  • It is free from latex.
  • It lets you create lines on your eyes that can dazzle your social media followers.

How to apply

  • Remove from paper and apply to the skin; reposition as needed.
  • Apply eye makeup, then slowly and gently remove and discard after use.

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  • In case of irritation, rinse cleans your lips. If it still occurs, visit the nearest medical facility.

Legal Disclaimer

Manufactured by the USA