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Fair Lovely Is Now Glow & Lovely BB Makeup Shade 1 Makeup Like Glow

Imported from India (Sizes & Specifications are based on the India Market).
The Fair and Lovely BB Cream is a glow cream with a make-up
finish. This expert product brings together the benefits of
foundation and advanced multivitamin glow cream. Its suitable for
all Indian skin tones. Use it daily to hide dark spots and
blemishes, and achieve a bright and fresh look every day.


You can also apply it for special occasions in place of make-up. It is
enriched with the goodness of multivitamins that work from
within. You don’t need to carry my make-up kit you me every day,
everywhere. Just this one cream can make all the difference. It’s
SPF 15 PA ++ keeps your skin’s glow protected in the sun and its
matte texture leaves your face feeling non-oily, fresh and bright
throughout the day. The Fair & Lovely BB Cream is easy to apply
and gives instant results: Just dot the cream across cleansed
face and neck and spread evenly using fingertips to get a make-up
finish in seconds! Fair & Lovely BB Cream make you look perfect
instantly. So now you have the answer to get the perfect make-up
finish for any occasion, be it your first day of college to your first
interview, an office party or any festive occasion.

Gives a fresh, make-up-like glow.
Covers dark spots & blemishes.
Gives a matte, non-oily finish.
Works to give an even skin tone. Has SPF 15..

Dot over face & neck & gently massage in. Use twice daily on cleansed face for best results.

Made In India





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