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GNC Herbal Plus St. John’s Wort Extract 300mg 200 Capsules

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  • Taken orally, certain extracts of st. John’s wort can help alleviate mild to moderate depression symptoms. The effectiveness of some st. John’s wort products may be comparable to that of some prescription medications, and the adverse effects may be less pronounced.
  • Signs indicate the onset of the menopause process. Taking st. John’s wort oral reduces hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.
  • Anxiety is brought on by obsessive fixation on a particular bodily sign (somatic symptom disorder). Certain st. John’s wort products (li 160, lichtwer pharma) appear to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder.


Many of the substances it contains influence mood-regulating messengers in the brain. St. John’s wort is most typically used to treat depression and mood disorders. Scientific research suggests that it can help alleviate mild to moderate depression. The yellow, star-shaped blossoms of st. John’s wort are endemic to europe. When combined with other medications, it can have dangerous side effects, mainly if used for depression. The name “st. John’s wort” comes from john the baptist. On the feast day of st. John the baptist, the plant begins typically to bloom. Many of the substances it contains impact the brain’s mood-regulating messengers. St. John’s wort is most commonly prescribed to treat depression and other mood disorders. According to scientific research, it helps treat mild to moderate depression. Other uses of st. John’s wort, such as for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, have not been supported by adequate research. In the united states, you can buy st. John’s wort as a nutritional supplement. On the other hand, france has outlawed its inclusion in products due to potential drug interaction issues. St. John’s wort can only be purchased with a prescription.


When making beer or whiskey, the wort (/wrt/) is the liquid extracted from the mashing process. Sugars in wort are fermented by brewing yeast to generate alcohol, the most important of which are maltose and maltotriose

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Before taking st. John’s wort, see your doctor. Numerous medicines can interact with it.


As a general rule, individuals take 600-900 mg of st. John’s wort extract by mouth in three separate doses each day for up to 12 weeks. There are also st. John’s wort lotions, ointments, and gels that can treat a variety of ailments. Find out what product and dosage might be appropriate for a specific problem by consulting a healthcare professional

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