Natures Bounty Zinc 50mg 100ct

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Made by the #1 brand for Zinc supplements (2) support your immune system and overall health with Nature’s Bounty Zinc. (1) One 50 mg caplet a day provides more than your daily requirement of this essential mineral to keep you feeling your best. (1) Research shows that supplementing with Zinc year-round has many benefits. In addition to playing a vital role in immune support, Zinc can also function as an antioxidant in the body, contribute to skin and bone health, and assist in the formation of DNA. (1) As a component of the enzyme collagenese, Zinc has been clinically studied for its contribution to skin health. (1) For additional flexibility to meet dietary needs, Nature’s Bounty Zinc caplets are non-GMO and sugar and gluten free. With over 50 years of expertise and as the #1 Brand for Zinc supplements (2), you can trust that Nature’s Bounty Zinc supplements are a product of our company’s dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research.



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