Oral B 3D White Battery Toothbrush in Pink Color

The Oral-B white battery toothbrush has rubberized bristles that polishes your teeth with the power of 14,000 strokes per minute for whiter and clean teeth.

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In stock


The Oral B 3d tooth brush efficiently cleans the filthy plaque out of your teeth and polishes for a tingling effect. The toothbrush is well-made with top-notch position detection technology to ensure that you won’t miss out any area of your mouth while brushing. The brush features 6 cleaning modes including: daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, pro-clean and tongue cleaning. By using all modes, you can obtain fresh and completely clean mouth with no filthy residues left behind


  • Battery-powered

The oral-B toothbrush consist of two AA batteries to support the electronic toothbrush for months!

  • Position Detection Technology

The toothbrush is made with position detection technology that cleans your teeth while ensuring no filth is left behind.

  • Removable Brush Heads

The brush has a removable heads that needs to be replaced every 3 months—for efficient hygiene.

About the Product

  • It is Battery Powered
  • It has 6 cleansing modes.
  • It is known as the #1 doctor’s recommended toothbrush

How to Use

  1. Turn on the brush.
  2. Gently place the moving bristles on your teeth and let the brush do the cleaning by itself!

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Legal Disclaimer

Manufactured by the USA

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