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Oral B Glide Pro-Health Original Floss

The comfortable floss with high cleansing power removes tough plaque stuck between your teeth with the Oral-B glide comfort plus cleaning floss. It lets you experience the glide difference while removing plaque and stimulating gums.

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The Oral-B Dental pro-health comfort plus floss effectively removes plaque amid your teeth with smooth sliding. The floss has a smooth texture that effortlessly slides between your teeth and removes tough plaque from your teeth. This Shred-resistant floss clears out the plaque between teeth and below the gum line and stimulating gums. the floss contains a light coating of natural wax for a good grip over the flossing strand.


  • Silky Smooth Texture

The oral-B pro health comfort plus floss has a smooth texture that effortlessly slides amid your teeth and clears out tough plaque in seconds.

  • Effectively Removes plaque

The floss efficiently removes stubborn plaque and lets you achieve clean, strong and healthy teeth.

  • Natural Wax Coated floss

The floss is coated with natural wax for improved grip.

About the Product

  • It has a silky smooth texture
  • It effortlessly slides between your teeth.
  • It removes plaque between your teeth and below your gum line.

How to Use

  1. Break off about 18 to 24 inches of oral B pro health floss.
  2. Later on, hold the floss ends with your thumb and index finger.
  3. Place the floss between your teeth.
  4. As the floss reaches your gums, curve the floss at the tooth to form a C shape for efficient cleansing

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Legal Disclaimer

Manufactured by the USA

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