Revlon Lengthen Eyelashes

Feel the lightweight beauty of lengthening fake eyelashes comfortably sets on to your eyes that feels and looks like a natural hair resting on your mesmerizing eyes.

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The Revlon lengthen fake lashes are light as a feather and rest on your eyes comfortably. It is made with patented Featherlite technology for a weightless beautiful eye to take your crushs heart out. You can effortlessly remove it by using an oil-based eye makeup remover to gently peel off the lashes.


  • Featherlite Technology

The Revlon lengthen false eyelashes are well-made with Featherlite technology to rest comfortably on your eyes.

  • Feels & looks Natural

The Revlon lengthen eyelashes feel and look natural on your eyes.

About the product

  • It is well-made with Featherlite technology.
  • It looks and feels natural.
  • It defines your mesmerizing eyes.

How to apply

  1. Apply the eyelash glue on your eyelids and effortlessly set the Revlon eyelashes on your lids that easy!

To avail of these benefits, place an order online on Beautyfly, delivering all across Pakistan!


  • In case of irritation, remove your lashes and rinse your eyes. If it still occurs, visit the nearest medical facility.


Manufactured by the USA


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