The Ordinary 100% Oraganic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil


Give your skin the powerful dose of  the ordinary cold-pressed rosehip seed oil complex formula to encourage healthy skin and reduce the stubborn signs of photoaging. Now improve your skin with the help of some healthy enrichment!

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The Ordinary rosehip cold-pressed seed oil serum is formulated with cold-pressed rosehip seed oil that is rich in linoleic acid and Pro-vitamin A. This healthy mixture of ingredients blends together and retains the healthiness of skin when exposed to heat or sunrays.  The Cold-Pressed complex formula essentially preserves the quality oils and supports healthy skin. Plus, it defeats the signs of photo-aging.


The rose hip seed oil is unrefined and provides a natural aroma due to the infusion of high omega fatty acid.


  • Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil for healthy skin

The Ordinary cold-pressed seed oil serum is well-made from essential ingredients that motivates healthy skin while keeping photo-aging signs at bay.

  • Suitable for all Skin Types

No matter what type of skin you possess, the magnificent ordinary rosehip seed oil serum can help every type of skin achieve perfect, nourished and blemish-free skin!

  • It is Alcohol-Free

The Ordinary rosehip cold-pressed seed oil Serum is formulated from enriching ingredients without the utilization of alcohol.

About the Product

  • It is an oil-free product.
  • It is silicone-free.
  • It is water-free
  • It is alcohol-free
  • It is gluten-free
  • It is vegan.
  • It protects skin against harmful sunrays.

How to apply

  1. To begin with, wash your face with your favorite cleanser or a soap bar
  2. Utilize skin toner after cleansing (Optional)
  3. Pump at least three drops of Ordinary rosehip seed oil serum in your hands
  4. gently blend the formula in your palms and pat on your face and neck.

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Rosa Canina Seed Oil.


  • Do not Consume this product.
  • Avoid Contact with Eyes.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Legal Disclaimer

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