Versus D-Mannose & Cranberry Extract For Urinary Tract Support, 90 Capsules

Break the barriers between you and your goals by reducing the risk of UTIs.

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What It Does?

Fights UTIs supporting urinary tract health
Supports vaginal pH levels
Helps detoxify toxins from the urinary tract
Reduces cramps in the abdomen

How It Works?

Cranberry juice extract is packed with antioxidants to prevent bacteria that cause UTIs and recurring infections
Cranberry extract helps good bacteria thrive in your gut, creating nutrients for a healthier digestion
Vitamin C in cranberry fruit extract aids in repairing cells and supporting tissue growth for a healthier immune system
D mannose stops bacteria from sticking to the lining of the bladder after you urinary tract

How To Take?

2 capsules daily, any time of the day with or without food.

Product Benefits

Supports Healthy Urinary Tract
Contains antioxidants which prevent UTI-causing bacteria and recurrent infections.

Strong Prebiotic
Cranberry extract promotes good bacteria in the microbiome, producing nutrients for a healthier digestive system.

Detoxifies the Body
The high antioxidant content in cranberries helps to fight bacteria and free radicals that cause infections.

Rich in Vitamin C
Cranberries, a natural source of Vitamin C, help repair damaged cells and promote the growth of tissues for better immunity.

Enhances Gut Health
D-Mannose & Cranberry help decrease bacterial adhesion to maintain healthy gut bacteria.

D-mannose which is referred to mannose is a sugar monomer of the aldohexose series of carbohydrates, which is super beneficial in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) conditions, maintaining good and bad bacteria, controls type 1b carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome, reduce blood clotting disorders issues and improve improve digestive problems. Each capsule of D-Mannose & Cranberry contains 250 mg of D-Mannose.

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