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5 Simple & Easy Skincare Routine Steps For Acne

skincare for acne

Waking up to see a fresh sprout of acne might ruin your day. However, acne is not only limited to teenagers. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, several adult individuals are victimised by acne. There are several reasons involved that stimulate acne. Therefore you should understand how it happens.

What Stimulates Acne?

Before diving into the acne routine, it is vital for you to know the basic facts that stimulate acne on your delicate skin.

Our skin contains myriads of sebaceous glands connected to hair follicles and helps produce sebum (oil) to keep your skin and hair protected. However, the changing in hormones motivates sebaceous glands to produce sebum excessively—leading to the blockage of dead skin cells on skin pores which later causes acne to sprout.

Besides hormonal changes, adults are prone to acne due to pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. The intake of birth control pills can also speed up the oil production—causing pimples to sprout.

For that exact purpose of acne, we have gathered the flawless skincare products that are beneficial for you to utilise in the daily skincare routine to maintain strong, healthy and nourished skin in no time.

5 simple Skin Care Steps for Acne-Prone Skin

Following a skincare routine contributed by the best skincare products in Pakistan may help you attain the desired skin of swanky texture.

The routine is divided into five essential parts for you to practice just after you wake up or after coming from a tiring day.

The basic steps include:

  1. Cleansers
  2. Exfoliations
  3. Serum
  4. Treatment Cream
  5. Moisturisers


Letting your cleanser ride a shotgun will benefit you a lot. A cleanser is responsible for cleaning out dirt and oil buildup from your pores. Therefore, helping you maintain fresh skin texture.

However, the potency of cleansing is purely dependent on the type of cleanser you use for your skin. Using a non-comedogenic cleanser infused with invigorating properties will do wonders for you. Therefore we have mentioned below the best cleansers in Pakistan to diminish your stubborn breakout.

La Roche Posay effacalar Medicated Face Wash

La Roche Posay is a prominent skincare brand that has cemented the goal of providing sparkling skin to you with some magnificence. Adding La Roche posay cleanser as the first step of your skin routine will do wonders for you. The La Roche Posay medicated face wash is specially formulated to remove excess face oils and aids in clearing acne breakouts. It is formulated with 2% salicylic acid and lipo-hydroxy acid to fade the skin blemishes without irritating your skin. La Roche Posay price in Pakistan is relatively low and helps clear out acne for fresh skin without asking for some extra cash.

Indulging in the powerful Effacalar set by La Roche Posay will be a vital option. By delving into our website, you can essentially find the set that will be flawless for the delicacy of your skin.

CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

Take your first steps to beauty by indulging in the CeraVe acne foaming cream cleanser. CeraVe is a renowned skincare brand in Pakistan that sells hotcakes around the country.

CeraVe acne cleanser is formulated with 4% benzoyl peroxide, ceramides and niacinamide to soothe your skin sensitivities. The puissant formula clears the filth, oil buildup and makeup for invigorating skin. The acne-cleansing formula also consists of hyaluronic acid to keep your skin soft, supple and blemish-free. The CeraVe acne cleanser price in Pakistan is neither high nor low. However, the benefits are guaranteed!


Neglecting skin exfoliation is similar to leaving the day’s most important meal. Exfoliating daily helps you achieve clearer and flawless skin. Gentle exfoliator diminishes the dead skin cells, helps control the skin moisture, and motivates brighter yet blemish-free skin.

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Clay Mask 

Say cheers to the Cetaphil Dermacontrol purifying clay mask for perfect skin cleansing. The Mask is made from Amazonian clay, apple fruit extracts and cucumber seeds to help your skin retain desired hydration. The Mask is responsible for removing the buildup from your clogged pores and exfoliates dead cells for fresher yet flawless skin. The velvety mask cream ensures that it won’t leave your skin tight or dehydrated. The Cetaphil exfoliate Mask will do wonders for acne-prone skin and helps you maintain the perfect skin texture of your dreams. The Cetaphil dermacontrol clay mask price in Pakistan is reasonably low so that every individual can wear a temporary layer of enrichment without paying a hefty price for it.


The few droplets of beneficial serum will drive your skin to exquisiteness. The serum helps neutralise the redness and swollen skin caused by acne and helps fade out the acne signs. Adding the best vitamin C serum will keep your skin invigorating.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% Serum

The skin specialist-the ordinary niacinamide and Zinc serum will provide meaningful care of your likeness to the delicacy of your skin. The serum is merely made with highly concentrated niacinamide (Vitamin B3) along with zinc salts to balance the skin sebum level. The serum offers effective control on Skin pH levels and helps in lessening the appearance of skin acne. The formula is completely alcohol-free—to keep your skin healthy at all times. However, it is suitable for you to use it alternately for a skin routine due to the infusion of ingredients that can be disastrous if used daily.

CeraVe skin-renewing Vitamin C Serum

This serum is the perfect solution for your skin redness and swollen skin conditions. It is renowned as the best Vitamin C serum for the face that helps brighten your texture and can work as an anti-ageing regimen. However, the enriching properties in the serum help maintain skin acne and other blemishes. It is vitally formulated with pure Vitamin C, essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to keep your skin hydrated, soothed, nourished and soft. This vitamin C Serum for the face offers ultimate benefits to your skin, and the Cerave Vitamin C serum price in Pakistan is relatively low.

Acne Treatment

The utilisation of acne treatment cream will help you remove the blemishes and the stubborn signs of acne in just a few days of use.

Dr Rashel Aloe Vera Anti-Acne Cream

Indulging in the Dr Rashel Aloe vera anti-acne cream will keep your skin condition optimum and helps in minimising the acne and post-acne marks. The cream is infused with anti-inflammatory properties that treat red and stubborn acne pimples. The cream also helps in repairing the scars that are ruining your personality. The Dr Rashel aloe vera anti-acne cream price is reasonable and provides the best solution for your stubborn acne.


Last but not least, keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated is the ultimate solution to break the boldness of acne. Using the best moisturiser for combination skin will keep your skin moisturised while helping in reducing the acne on your delicate skin.

Cetaphil Acne Mattifying Moisturizer

The Cetaphil Acne Mattifying moisturiser is the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin. It is formulated with salicylic acid and prebiotics botanicals to fight acne like a tough brawler. The acne mattifying formula is infused with kojic acid and licorice root extract to reduce the appearance of post-acne marks. The moisturiser thoroughly absorbs the skin and helps eliminate excess oils, and brightens the skin tone. The Cetaphil acne moisturiser price in Pakistan is relatively low and offers myriads of benefits to your delicate skin.


Utilising the products mentioned above in your acne skin routine will keep your skin blemish-free and flawless. However, the results may not be fast-paced. Therefore it is essential for you to daily practice the routine for an extended period without giving up—the results might be slow but are surely effective! Now you can wake up without worrying about acne sprouts. Cherish the products only at Beautyfly for reasonable rates!

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5 Ways To Keep Your Makeup In Place During Hot Summers Of 2022

Hot Summer Tips

The Last few days were surely scorching for most individuals. The sweltering days of April & May have been recorded as the hottest in many years. However, the number of cities in Pakistan is constantly vulnerable to heatwaves. The sweltering weather can play a huge impact on an individual’s skin surface.

Besides the delicacy of skin, females encounter melted foundation, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick. Makeup ruins can be pretty damaging to empowered women’s look.

For that exact purpose, you need to imply a few makeup tricks that will do wonders for you in scorching summer.

Owning a few of the makeup kits suitable for hot summers will be positive for your looks and vanity. Beautyfly offers a reasonable makeup kit price in Pakistan to every individual who strives for cosmetics suitable to use during sweltering days.

We have mentioned below some vital tips for you to utilize while getting ready on hot days. Many halal makeup brands in Pakistan proudly present their exclusive stock—to handle your skin in summers.

5 Hot Summer Makeup tips that you should know 

Start your day with Oil-free Moisturizer

The way you cater to your skin on a hot day, similarly, do it for your makeup as well. Starting your day with the application of oil-free moisturizer will keep your skin condition optimum and keep your skin safe from greasiness caused by heat. Several dermatologists and renowned beautician suggests, cater your skin needs daily with an oil-free moisturizer and going for an oil-free foundation for perfect looks on hot days!

For your convenience, we have mentioned below a beneficial oil-free moisturizer that will keep your skin texture wonderful in the summers.

Cetaphil Oil-free Moisturizer with SPF 35 Sunscreen 

Cetaphil oil-free moisturizer with SPF 35 will be the best treatment for your skin. The 3-in-1 moisturizer hydrates, nourish, and protects your skin on skin melting days. It is formulated with edelweiss flower extracts and other beneficial ingredients that profoundly absorb your skin and deliver a nourishing effect to your skin barriers. The lightweight moisturizer is infused with SPF 35 sunscreen to turn on the shield against harmful sun rays. The Cetaphil moisturizer price in Pakistan is significantly low so that you can keep your skin on rest with no demand for extra cash! This moisturizer will be perfect for you and your makeup during hot summers!

Less Makeup is Beautiful

Being simple is what individuals seek. Playing the game of simplicity during hot summers will be perfect for you. Wearing excessive makeup on hot days may result in increasing and caking. For that exact purpose, less is more beautiful. Besides makeup, your natural beauty may capture many hearts around you.

Invest in Strong Primers

Using primers may save your makeup day. Applying a primer after moisturizer and before face makeup will do wonders for you in summer. Using a powerful primer of renowned makeup brands in Pakistan will keep your makeup in place without feeling bulky on your skin.

NYX shine Killer Primer

Indulging the primer with the license to kill shininess in hot summers should be a viable option for you. The charcoal-made NYX shine killer primer soaks up the excess oils from your skin while keeping it hydrated. The lightweight colorless gel is made with an oil-free formula to keep your makeup fresh all day long. The NYX primer price in Pakistan is relatively low and offers ultimate benefits in extreme summer.

NYX is one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan that provides essential cosmetics for every season. Therefore, indulging the NYX cosmetics will let you feel the good makeup vibes every season.

Let your Skin Breath

Keeping your skin breathable is the ultimate solution to break the heat while wearing intensive makeup. Using a waterproof foundation and other cosmetics in Pakistan will keep your skin breathable and wonderful.

For amazing cosmetics, contacting Beautyfly will be the best solution for your makeup challenges. They are willing to offer the best makeup product in Pakistan with price that is completely reasonable.

Don’t be too Shimmery

Undoubtedly, every girl loves a nice shimmery glow. However, shimmers can be heavy on your delicate face—in hot summers; the shimmers should be a big no. Using Creamy foundation or other cosmetics that are too luminous will keep your skin sweaty-looking and weak.


The sweltering weather conditions are never-ending. Therefore seeking breathable and lightweight makeup products in Pakistan will keep your makeup intact for extensive periods and be in place throughout the occasion.

Are you looking for the cosmetics of the best makeup brands in Pakistan? Beautyfly is your only solution around here! Beautyfly is a leading E-commerce store in Pakistan that provides the best skin, hair, and personal care along with top-notch makeup products only for you! We have procured every essential item directly from the USA to ensure the product’s quality and authenticity. Moreover, our fast deliverers will reach your destination and knock on your doors in just 3 days!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best makeup products only at Beautyfly!

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CeraVe Skin Care Routine For Dry skin

cerave skincare routine

Undoubtedly, every individual is tired of the unsightliness of dry skin. There can be myriads of reasons for dry skin—the triggering weather or can be the reasons of genetics.

However, it can be nearly impossible to flourish the dehydrated skin due to genetic factors. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly follow the skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Well, choosing the products for your routine can be a daunting task. Many prominent brands promise the transformation of your delicate skin in just a matter of days—but fail to prove it.

For that exact purpose, CeraVe skincare products will be the right and only choice for your dry skin.

CeraVe—the prominent and most consumer-loved brand originated in the United States of America in 2005 and was developed by an American Dermatologist. The Company has cemented a goal of providing a clear and fair skin by delivering the individual’s skin what it needs—the healthy ceramide for the skin. All CeraVe skincare products are infused with 3 essential ceramides to help your skin retain moisture and restore the skin barriers, exactly what Dermatologists consult!

Now let’s put an end to your hastiness and get down to the ceraVe skin care products in Pakistan for dry skin routine.

CeraVe Products for Dry Skin Routine in Pakistan

1st Step: Hydrating Facial Cleanser 

In the First step of your routine, The hydrating facial cleanser essentially effectively removes dirt, oil, and other residues from your skin. The cleanser soothes your dry skin without disturbing the skin barriers. It is formulated with three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to restore your skin’s natural moisture and barriers. It is infused with MVE technology—encapsulating gradual deliverance of ceramides to your delicate skin to keep moisture in place.


  • The cleanser efficiently removes dirt and other residues
  • It is non-comedogenic
  • It is a dermatologist-developed product
  • It is fragrance-free

2nd Step: Hyaluronic Acid Serum to soften your skin

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin. However, as we age, it depletes. Therefore utilizing CeraVe hyaluronic acid serum will motivate your skin and replenish the neediness of hyaluronic acid to prevent skin dryness. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid along with essential ceramides and vitamin B5 to restore your skin barriers. It is infused with MVE technology to ensure the deliverance of ceramides to your delicate even after hours of application! The ceraVe hyaluronic acid serum price in Pakistan is neither low nor too pricey. Well, the flourishing results maintained by the serum will be perfect for your delicate skin.


  • 90% of consumers said that it intensely hydrated their dry skin.
  • It is Dermatologist tested.
  • It restores the skin’s hydration level.
  • It is non-comedogenic.

3rd step: CeraVe eye repair Cream

The routine is critically incomplete without some enrichment for dark circles and puffy skin. The CeraVe eye repair cream is formulated with ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to fade out dark circles and puffy skin while maintaining the health of skin barriers. The cream smoothes onto your dry skin and brightens the texture for a perfect glow. It instantly absorbs your skin and locks in moisture for extended periods. The ceraVe eye repair cream price in Pakistan is relatively low and offers enriching effects on your delicate skin texture.


  • It reduces puffiness below your eyes.
  • It fades out into dark circles.
  • It restores the natural protective skin barriers.
  • It reduces skin sagginess.
  • Retains hydration for 24-hours.

4th Step: CeraVe am lotion

The CeraVe AM lotion is suitable for use in the morning and known to be the best one for the morning routine! The moisturizer keeps your skin plumpy and hydrated throughout the day. It is formulated with essential ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid for the restorative treatment of your dry skin cuticles. It is also infused with broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen to shield the delicacy of your skin against UVA/UVB harmful rays. It is infused with MVE technology to ensure the gradual deliverance of ceramides to your skin to maintain its moisture level for hours. The CeraVe moisturizer price in Pakistan is neither low nor too expensive—but guarantees the result of your desires!


  • It is non-comedogenic
  • It is Dermatologist tested
  • It is suitable for every skin type.


The CeraVe products mentioned above are perfect for individuals with lifeless skin. Thoroughly using the CeraVe products for your dry skin will keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and everything nice!

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Best Irish Spring Body Washes In Pakistan

irish spring in pakistan

In recent days, Pakistan has been hit with scorching heat waves—the individuals are thirsty for fresh winds on these scorching days. However, people still need to make a living for themselves and beat the heat to have a fancy living for themselves and their families.

Therefore, people are constantly seeking products that energize their bodies. At the same time, they shower before work—they need a spectacular body wash that eliminates the dead skin cells and lets them achieve smooth and fresh skin for a refreshing day.


There are many body washes available in Pakistan that promise a good moisturizing body to individuals but fail to deliver the results. For that exact purpose, Irish Spring has your back and helps you beat the heat in a well-mannered way.

Irish Spring is a subsidiary brand of Colgate and Palmolive launched in Germany in 1970 and the USA in 1972. Until the early 90s, the Irish spring soap bars came in one scent—infused with ulster fragrance. However, since Colgate came to its aid, Irish spring has produced an array of scents and varieties of soap.


So without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best Irish Spring body washes in Pakistan responsible for providing fresh skin as soon as it lathers.

Top Irish Spring Body Washes

Irish Spring Body Wash 5-in-1 Paraben-free

Instead of lining your bathroom slab with various shampoos, conditioners, and face wash, Get yourself the body wash that covers all regimens! The Irish Spring 5-in-1 body wash can be used as body wash, face wash, shampoo, and conditioner! This top-tier product helps you retain skin moisture and keeps you fresh for long 24-hours. It is formulated with biodegradable ingredients that quickly lather up and wash away the stubborn bacteria. It is infused with a fresh fragrance that keeps your body and hair smelling great all day long. It is made with the freedom of parabens and phthalates. This Irish Spring Body wash price in Pakistan is relatively low compared to its amazing skin benefits.


  • It is paraben-free.
  • It is phthalates-free.
  • It is dermatologist tested
  • It can be used as shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body wash.

Irish Spring Body Wash Black Mint

Rejuvenate your skin cuticles with the coolness of black mint. The Irish Spring black mint 2-in-1 face and body gel wash eliminates germs and bacteria from your skin and lets you achieve ultra-hydration in a single use! It is formulated with OECD 301, B, D, and E. It keeps your body feeling refreshed with the infusion of a refreshing scent that lasts for 24-hours—until you shower again! It is made with odor neutralization technology that washes to keep you smelling fresh. It is made without parabens and phthalates. The black mint Irish spring body wash price in Pakistan is essentially low so that you can feel refreshed all day long without taking out extra cash from your wallets.


  • It is formulated with healthy ingredients.
  • It offers 24-hours of freshness.
  • It is suitable to be used as face & hand wash too.
  • It is paraben and phthalates-free.

Irish Spring Active Scrub Body Wash

Same enticing formula with a new name, The Irish Spring Active scrub body wash is the new name of deep action scrub body washes. This skin care regimen is responsible for maintaining fresh skin and helps you retain skin moisture for 24-hours. It is formulated with biodegradable cleansing ingredients that keep your body refreshed by lathering up to wash away bacteria for good! It can essentially be used as body wash or face wash that lets you stay fresh for extended periods. The Active scrub Irish Spring price in Pakistan is quite reasonable and lets you achieve the skin of your dreams in a single shower.


  • It is paraben-free
  • It is Phthalates-free
  • It is dermatologist tested
  • It helps you retain skin moisture & hydration for 24-hours.
  • It washes away germs and bacteria with a fresh scent.

Irish Spring Original Moisturizing Face & Body Gel 

What’s better than the original? Still, significant numbers of individuals prefer the original formula of Irish spring that quickly lathers up for freshness. It eliminates germs and bacteria from your skin and lets you achieve ultra-hydration in a single use! It is formulated with OECD 301, B, D, and E. The original formula keeps your body feeling refreshed all day long with a refreshing scent that might take you to the places. The original Irish spring body wash price in Pakistan is vitally low, and undoubtedly, it is renowned as the best Irish Spring body washes in Pakistan.


The Irish Spring Products mentioned above are renowned for being the best ones you could ever find for yourselves. It merely helps you to beat the heat of Pakistan’s scorching weather and keeps you feeling fresh all day long while you work.

Did the products excite you? If not, delve into our website and find yourself the needful Irish spring body washes that speak to your skin cuticles in good manners.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best Irish Spring in Pakistan only at Beautyfly!

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Top 3 St.Ives Product You Need To Try  

It is a signature desire for every individual to attain perfect skin—free from every impurity and whatsoever. However, it can be challenging for Pakistanis to obtain completely nourished or blemish-free skin. Due to the weather fluctuations in Pakistan, it is nearly impossible to have the skin of dreams.

For that exact purpose, you need to tweak up your skin or daily body care with some amazing products that will surely let you attain fresh skin to step outside without worrying about your delicate skin.

To fulfill your needs for fresh skin, fresh and delicious fruits infused products might come in handy. That is where St.Ives comes in.

St. Ives is a brand owned by the multinational conglomerate Unilever. St. Ives was originally launched in 1955 as an independent company in California. St. Ives was launched with the intent of providing quality skin care products inspired by nature. The company is dedicated to bringing you the best natural formula that promises to be a sweet delicacy for your skin’s essential needs.

Beautyfly has gathered a list of 3 St.Ives products that you MUST try for your convenience. Here is below the list of St.Ives products in Pakistan.

Best St.Ives Products in Pakistan

St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub

As we all know, oatmeal is a healthy meal that is essential for every individual to consume. However, to feed your skin with good potency, we present the St.Ives gentle smoothing oatmeal scrub. This essential scrub is formulated with the potent blend of oatmeal extracted from the US grounds and honey. This skincare product in Pakistan is engineered with 100% natural exfoliating properties to keep your skin feeling fresh the entire day. This scrub is free from parabens and clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. This St.ives scrub price in Pakistan is relatively low so that you can maintain fresh like the skin of your dreams.


  • It is a 2-in-1 product with one part scrub and one part mask.
  • It is free from parabens.
  • This scrub gently exfoliates away all of the skin impurities in an instant.
  • It is formulated with 100% exfoliating properties.


St Ives Apricot Scrub

This scrub is just a juicy temptress that might tempt your skin cuticles when applied. The St.Ives apricot scrub offers what just your dull skin essentially needs—radiance. The scrub revitalizes your skin surface and is formulated with 100% natural walnut powder and apricot for a tropical getaway to radiant and flawless skin. It gently exfoliates away the skin impurities and provides fresh and sparkling skin. This scrub is free from harmful parabens. Plus, it is dermatologists tested. The St.Ives scrub price in Pakistan is quite low compared to its great benefits.


  • This St Ives product in Pakistan is hypoallergenic—making it safe to use without causing extreme reactions to your delicate skin.
  • It is specialized to transform dull skin into something that radiates glow.
  • It is formulated with 100% natural exfoliating properties.

St.Ives Coconut Water & Orchid Hydrating Body Wash

Indulge in the freshness of St. Ives Coconut water body wash. This full-body wash is formulated with 100% all-natural coconut water and orchid flower extract that keeps your skin hydrated to perfection. This body wash gently exfoliates germs and bacteria and offers the cleanliness of your desire. The rich lather rinses out while leaving your skin feeling invigorating and soft. This St Ives body wash in Pakistan is recommended by several dermatologists. Plus, it hasn’t been tested on animals. This St Ives coconut water body wash price is relative so that you can remove the impurities without bulking up on your wallets.


  • The Body wash is infused with plant-based cleansers.
  • It is Cruelty-free (PETA Approved)
  • It is paraben-free.
  • It soothes your sense of smell in the best way possible.


The products mentioned above are renowned as the best St. Ives Regimen in the Pakistani Market. However, the mentioned products may not provide results in just one night. Therefore it is vital to have patience and keep tweaking your skin with magnificence—results might be slow but are guaranteed.

Are you looking for more St. Ives products? No worries. Beautyfly, your #1 online beauty store in Pakistan, has procured the best of the best St. Ives products directly from the USA to guarantee quality and authenticity. Now, what are you waiting for? Hop over to St. Ives product list and give it a whirl to it once to come again!

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Best Aveeno Routine Products For Healthy Hair & Skin

Best Aveeno Routine Products for Healthy Hair & Skin

Nourish and healthy skin is what an individual desire to obtain in their lifetime; several individuals have invested a good amount of time and effort in skin and hair care routine but doesn’t receive good results.

The particular reason of circumstances, the utilization of a product that has no credibility to restore the health of your skin and hair or either it is not suitable to your skin or mane. Due to these reasons, Aveeno products will help you achieve personal care at the best level.

Aveeno is a renowned and best-selling brand that manufactures high-quality care products that are specially studied and tested by several dermatologist experts and prove to deliver unique outcomes to individuals.

We have mentioned below healthy hair and skincare products in Pakistan that are helpful in your routine.

Aveeno Skin Care Products in Pakistan

Aveeno Nourishing Oat Cleanser for Dry Skin

This product can gently cleanse and hydrate your dry and lifeless skin. This facial cleanser is well-made from a triple oat complex that restores your skin’s natural moisture. The oat extract soothes your skin and releases nourishment in your fragile skin. Subsequently, the oil flour deeply moisturizes your skin. It is distinguished as the best cleanser in Pakistan due to its healthy ingredients.


  • It is hypoallergenic and good for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • It doesn’t clog skin pores.
  • The nourishing ingredients calm the skin’s texture.
  • It is free from sulfates, parabens, and other harmful substances.

Aveeno Facial Cleanser with Soothing Oat

This Aveeno face cleanser is made with a blend of non-GMO oat to treat dry skin effectively. It will vitally cleanse away filthy dirt, excessive oils, and other impurities instantly, and delivers hydrated and supple skin. This best cleanser in Pakistan richly lathers up on your skin and penetrates deep into it without clogging your skin pores.

It is a well-known and best cleanser in Pakistan with price that is completely negotiable for every individual to purchase in our country.


  • This cleanser is suitable to be utilized daily.
  • It is formulated from a fragrance-free formula with non-GMO oat flour for moisturizing your skin.
  • It is free from dyes, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful substances.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion

This moisturizing lotion is dermatologist and clinically tested to enhance the health of your skin in a single day and provides the needful results in 2 weeks. It is made with a mixture of rich emollients and colloidal oatmeal that prevents skin from getting dry for 24 hours after usage. It vitally soothes and softens your skin and restores healthy skin barriers. This Aveeno Lotion for dry skin is a fragrance-free, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic product that is gentle enough for everyday use.


  • It is clinically proven to treat your dry skin
  • It will not clog your skin pores
  • The non-greasy formula retains the natural moisture of your skin

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing cream for Sensitive and Dry Skin

This moisturizer is good therapy for healing itchy and dry skin due to eczema. The nourishing formula is a dermatologist and clinically proven to enhance the protective skin barrier. It is vitally made from a blend of colloidal oatmeal and essential ceramides. It offers 24-hours of moisturization to your skin in order to keep dryness away within miles. It is tried and loved product by numerous customers and proven to be the best moisturizer in Pakistan.


  • It is free from fragrance and steroids.
  • This skin care product in Pakistan is spectacular for eczema-prone skin.
  • It is FDA-approved.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer

It is the best moisturizer for oily skin in Pakistan that effectively removes blemishes from your skin and halts breakouts. It vitally balances your skin moisture by removing excessive oils produced by sebaceous glands. It is well-made from salicylic acid and soy to fight acne and deliver a clear and glowing complexion. This velvety cream essentially comes at a preferable moisturizer price in Pakistan so that every individual can retain the healthiness of their skin by clearing out excessive oils and breakouts.


  • It balances the skin texture and tone.
  • It is gentle to be used daily to retain healthy skin.

It is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skincare product in Pakistan. 

Aveeno Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen for Sensitive skin

This Sunscreen in Pakistan is made with a potent blend of natural-sourced zinc oxide with delicious oats and Vitamin E for extra sun protection for sensitive skin. The mineral-based formula sunscreen provides a good defense against the sun’s hazardous UVA/UVB rays. It is the best sunblock in Pakistan, specifically designed to treat and guard sensitive skin.


  • It is free from harmful parabens, phthalates, and fragrances.
  • It withstands sweat and water for up to 80 minutes.
  • This sunscreen is infused with SPF 50

Aveeno Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Face Lotion (SPF 60)

It is lightweight and the best sunblock in Pakistan that hydrates the skin texture and guards against harmful sun rays. It is merely formulated from SPF 60 and prebiotic oat to soften the skin. It is infused with triple oat complex technology that soothes and gently nourishes your beautiful skin.


  • It is free from oxybenzone, parabens, dyes, and other substances that halt skin nourishment.
  • It guards and retains hydration throughout the day.
  • The broad-spectrum SPF 60 efficiently defends your skin from UV rays.

Aveeno Positively Mineral Sunscreen Stick (SPF 50)

Aveeno Sunscreen stick is infused with pure oat essence and natural zinc oxide that withstand sweat and water effectively. It is filled with broad-spectrum SPF 60 that guarantees to protect skin from UVA/ UVB rays of the sun. The zinc oxide also prevents the premature aging of skin and sunburns. This sunscreen in Pakistan comes at a reasonable price that can be purchased efficiently without paying a fortune.


  • It is a special treat for an individual with sensitive skin.
  • It is formulated from 100% natural zinc.
  • This sunscreen stick is easy to carry.

The skincare products mentioned above are dermatologist tested and clinically proven to be a good treatment for preventing breakouts and can be a good addition to your healthy skincare routine.

Aveeno Hair Care Products in Pakistan

Aveeno Sunflower Oil Blend Shampoo for Damaged Hair

This hair care product is made with a potent blend of sunflower oil and oats, nourishing every strand and efficiently soothing the scalp. The hydrating ingredients deeply penetrate hair roots and are designed to strengthen dry and frizzy hair.


  • This shampoo is a good treatment for dry and damaged hair caused by styling products.
  • The lightweight gel is free from sulfate, dyes, and parabens.
  • Completely made from natural ingredients for a spectacular nourishing effect.

Aveeno Moisturizing Oat Milk Blend Shampoo

It is the best shampoo in Pakistan that contains scalp-soothing ingredients, such as oats, along with energetic and healthy almond milk to nourish and soften hair strands. It vitally balances the moisture in your hair roots, making it perfect for daily use. The best benefit is that this hair care product is suitable for every type of hair. This shampoo vitally comes at a reasonable price and swears to provide remarkable results.


  • Delicious almond milk is transformed into a potent ingredient to nourish hair strands.
  • It is suitable to be used daily as it calms the scalp.
  • It is free from parabens, sulfates, and dyes.

Aveeno Conditioner for hair in Pakistan

Aveeno Sunflower Oil Blend Conditioner for Damaged hair

It is renowned as the best conditioner in Pakistan, specially made with the potent blend of sunflower oil and oats that nourish and smoothen every hair strand and calm the scalp. The hydrating ingredients deeply penetrate hair roots and are designed to strengthen dry and frizzy hair.


  • This conditioner for dry hair in Pakistan essentially retains the natural moisture.
  • It refreshingly treats damaged and frizzy hair.
  • The rich, velvety cream characteristically soothes your scalp and nourishes the hair strands.

Aveeno Oat Milk Blend Moisturizing Conditioner

It is the best conditioner in Pakistan infused with healthy scalp-friendly ingredients. The delicious blend of almond milk and oats especially treats your lifeless hair and essentially volumizes your mane. It is distinguished as the best conditioner in Pakistan that effectively balances hair moisture and can be utilized for every type of hair an individual possesses.


  • This conditioner treats every type of hair.
  • It is suitable to be used daily.
  • It is a sulfate-free conditioner with no dyes and harmful parabens.

The Bottom Line

The Products mentioned above can be a good addition to your healthy hair and skin routine.

Aveeno Products are vitally known as the best in the world and promises to provide enriching results to the individual.

Buy Products Online in Pakistan

Exhausted from finding essential products to cater to your beauty needs? Beautyfly is an online E-Commerce store in Pakistan that merely believes in providing authentic and qualified products to individuals residing in Pakistan.

Due to the pandemic, we prioritize the safety of our consumers. Therefore we conveniently deliver our humble products at the doorsteps of every residence in Pakistan.

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Benefits Of Body Lotion & Best Lotions For Utilizing

Benefits of Body Lotion

The body lotion is a product that is essential for every individual with every skin type. The utilization of body lotion provides countless benefits to the individual. If you encounter excessive dryness or skin itching, it is essential to use a lotion to moisturize skin texture perfectly.

It is beneficial to understand how body lotion in Pakistan can benefit you and the most precious organ in your body. Every good skincare routine requires the benefits of body lotion. What are those benefits? To answer this query, we have mentioned below some vital points.

It Maintains moisture and retains skin glow

Body lotions in Pakistan are a significant product to retain or add moisture and hydration to your body lost due to brutal wind, heat, or weather. Lotions will essentially provide a good glow in your skin that bounds people to ask you about your flawless skin.

Heals extra rough patches in your skin

Many individuals obtain the skin’s rough texture on some parts of the body, whether of what skin type they have, around elbows, or knees. Body lotions will effectively moisturize your skin and penetrate deep into skin layers, and soothe it for a better and expected outcome. The application of body lotion after bath or before bedtime will effortlessly replenish the dry areas on your skin and transform it into nourishing and smooth skin.

If your normal skin type is dry, purchasing a skin lotion made to heal dryness is a smart option. It will efficiently replenish the natural moisture in your skin with the help of healthy ingredients.

Smooth Calluses

If you are a wanderlust and love to travel anywhere by foot, then you might have developed rough calluses. Rough calluses are excruciating and displeasing to look at. A spectacular body lotion can gently remove the unsightly calluses and soothe your feet with rehydration of moisture.


We understand that calluses aren’t easy to remove; it consumes a lot of effort and time in order to regain a good skin texture. The utilization of the best lotion in Pakistan can instantly clear stubborn calluses and keep your feet moisturized.

It is preferred to moisturize your body, especially your feet, daily in order to retain the healthiness of skin texture after wearing socks and shoes for long hours.

Skin lotion Relaxes your Body

If your skin is in good condition and doesn’t need any moisturization, you can utilize it for massaging your body to relax your muscles after a long, tough day at work. Subsequently, some lotions provide warmth to the body after being applied, comforting your skin and muscles and promoting the individual to have a sound sleep.


Several body lotions are made from delicious and healthy extracts that contain a mesmerizing smell, promoting moisturization and fragrance at the same time. The fragrance of lotion will demand the attention of people who you love dearly.

The best lotion in Pakistan is infused with fragrance, making the user feel hygienic.

Several lotions are sold in the market, both local and digital, and it can be arduous to understand which is best for you. Especially in Pakistan, there is a risk of purchasing an identical product. Several stores provide duplicate products by labeling them “original” at the same price as the authentic ones offered.

That demonstrates that purchasing a vital product formulated from a potent blend that contributes to the originality is hard.

Therefore we have mentioned below essential skin lotions in Pakistan That are beneficial for an individual to purchase and obtain healthy skin transformation.

Our online supermarket strictly delivers original skin lotions that contain vital ingredients to provide the benefits mentioned above. For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below the best body lotion in Pakistan that you can seek by delving into our website.

Best Lotion in Pakistan

Victoria’s Secret Cool & Bright Body Lotion

Victoria’s Secret body lotion is a fresh and beautiful lotion made from a potent blend of hydrating formulas that provides moisture for smooth and scented skin throughout the day. The cool and bright body lotion is fragranced from fresh juicy, and zesty orange with chill pear and cool water. Victoria’s Secret provides the best lotion in Pakistan that lightens an individual’s complexion and day.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

In a healthy skincare routine, moisturizer is an essential product besides cleansers and sunscreen. The CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion is formulated from hyaluronic acid and ceramides to maintain and restore the lifeless skin texture. The CeraVe lotion is formulated from MVE technology and three essential ceramides to lock skin moisture. The MVE technology grasps the ability to release ceramides into the skin gradually. CeraVe moisturizers are distinguished as the best lotion in Pakistan that is gentle to the skin and provides 24 hours long hydration.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

The Lubriderm daily moisture lotion is formulated by a dermatologist that contains Vitamin B5 and skin moisturizers. It will rehydrate your skin texture to provide healthy skin in a single-use. It is specially developed to be lightweight and non-greasy on your skin and enhance its moisture barrier. The Lubriderm lotion price in Pakistan is relatively low so that every individual can add a protective yet moisturizing layer to their skin without paying a fortune.

Besides the lotion mentioned above, we provide substantial Lubriderm lotions that you can find by exploring our website. Lubriderm lotions are vitally known as the best lotion in Pakistan.


Preferred benefits of lotion are vitally found in the products we have mentioned above. Adding a magnificent skin lotion to your wholesome skincare routine will help you obtain moisturized, nourished skin in no time. Keep in mind, that purchasing from a trusted source will provide you with the original skincare products in Pakistan.

Buy Body lotion online in Pakistan

Are you keen to delve into the best lotion in Pakistan for exceptional moisturization? Beautyfly is an emerging E-commerce store in Pakistan that provides significant products regarding:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Personal care

You can vitally delve into products based on these categories to cater to yourself in the best possible way.

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: The Best Skin Care Product with Benefits

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

When there is a mention of petroleum jelly, people think of Vaseline in an instant. This product is widely used throughout the world, and it is considered the best skincare product for healing wounds, moisturizing, or even lip balm. Vaseline petroleum jelly is especially used during winters; it helps a number of individuals to sustain the skin’s moisture.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is considerably used in Pakistan; you can easily find a container of Vaseline jelly in the bathroom cabinet of any individual living in Pakistan. It is renowned as the best skin care product in Pakistan as it is essentially used in all four seasons in a year.

What is Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly, also called (petrolatum) is formulated from the mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which potions to form a semi-solid substance. Robert Augustus discovered it in 1859; he observed one of the oil workers utilizing a gooey jelly to heal burns and other wounds. He later packaged the jelly and sold it widely in the USA labeled “Vaseline.”

Why is it Beneficial?

Several Dermatologist experts endorse Vaseline petroleum Jelly. Stated that Vaseline petroleum jelly can be effortlessly applied from head to toe; it is particularly great for applying at elbows, knees, or feet. Moreover, it can endeavor on the skin around the eyes and cuticles.

Subsequently, this skincare product in Pakistan is an inexpensive yet effective product available in drug stores. Another skincare expert states that it is made from highly refined mineral oils that are safe and hypoallergenic and completely lock the moisture in your skin.

How to Use?

It is preferred to be applied on damp skin as it helps to completely seal the moisture in your skin while it is wet; it is safe to be used frequently throughout the day. After the application of this product, it vitally relaxes muscles in your body and produces warmth on windy days. Therefore it is distinguished as the best moisturizer in Pakistan

Benefits of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly offers significant benefits to individuals. Such as:

Heal Skin Scrapes & Burns

A study suggests Vaseline petroleum jelly can effectively retain the moisture during post-surgery healing, making it good for less dramatic injuries. Ensure to clean or disinfect the surface before applying Vaseline petroleum jelly. Otherwise, it traps bacteria and other pathogens that delay the healing process.


The utilization of Vaseline after a shower can be distinguished as the occlusive moisturizer. It vitally withstands dryness. You can essentially use this product if you encounter cracked heels or chapped lips.

 Cracked Heels

Resting your feet in lukewarm water and salt-filled in a bucket will relax your feet. Later, towel dries your feet thoroughly, apply Vaseline petroleum jelly, and wear clean socks to retain the moisture.

Prevent Diaper Rash

The utilization of petroleum jelly on a baby’s skin can lessen the incidence of diaper rash. Completely towel-dry your baby’s skin before applicating petroleum jelly. It vitally structures a protective layer and guards your baby’s skin against exposure to moisture. Therefore it can be easily known as the best skincare product in Pakistan for babies or toddlers.

Reduces Split Ends

The constant exposure to sun or wind can dry your hair, which results in two-faced hair at the ends of your mane, known as split ends. Petroleum jelly can effectively reduce split ends and transform your lifeless mane into luminous hair.


Rub a small amount of Vaseline jelly in your palm and apply it gently on your hair ends with healing split ends.


Other than the jelly, there are numerous ` that you can endeavor to prevent split ends and keep your hair healthy and clean.

Lubricant for Stuck Objects

Wearing rings is a way to signify the appearance of your hands. However, if it is accidentally stuck on your finger, you can effortlessly pull it out with the help of petroleum jelly. Rub the jelly around and under your ring, so the ring can naturally slip off your finger.

Vaseline Skin Care Products in Pakistan

Vaseline provides an array of skincare products in Pakistan. Unfortunately, it is rare to find an original Vaseline petroleum jelly that contains powerful ingredients. Many individual purchases a duplicate product that contributes to allergies and doesn’t deliver an effective moisturization. Therefore we are vitally providing highly-qualified and authentic Vaseline skincare products in Pakistan that you can buy online in Pakistan.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly Original

It is formulated with pure Vaseline jelly that contains powerful ingredients making it original and authentic. This nourishing jelly soothes dry or cracked lips by softening the tissues and helping in healing the wounds. The non-greasy formula delivers perfect shine to your lips.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with Cocoa Butter

The hydrating jelly is made with a mixture of mineral oils, wax, and cocoa butter, making it an enriching formula. It effectively nourishes your dry skin or cracked lips while scenting your body with hints of cocoa butter. Vaseline cocoa butter jelly is the best skincare product in Pakistan that comes at a reasonable rate while keeping it original.


It is essential to make a daily habit of utilizing Vaseline petroleum jelly as it will keep your body relaxed from any hassle and moisturized. Keep in mind; There are wide ranges of duplicate Vaseline petroleum jelly that don’t provide effective results to you.

Buy Skin Care products in Pakistan

Beautyfly is an emerging E-commerce store in Pakistan that believes in providing authentic and high-quality skincare products in Pakistan. We vitally provide high-quality yet original Vaseline petroleum jelly, so the individual can have the same benefits as mentioned above in the content.

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Body Wash VS. Bar Soap | 5 Benefits Of Body Wash

Body wash

Choosing a good body wash is crucial; Body washes are renowned as a superior option to a bar of soap. The individual residing in Pakistan prefer utilizing bar soaps due to their cost-effectiveness. However, a body wash provides a myriad of benefits to the individual that is arduous to delve into soap.

Many dermatologists have recommended utilizing body washes as it enriches and cleanses your body with exceptional ingredients and lathers up in an enhanced way than a normal soap bar.

There are tons of body wash available on the market. However, it perplexes an individual to pick the right one for their body type; therefore, we have mentioned below some of the extraordinary benefits of body wash over soap and vital body washes in Pakistan.

Body Wash Works As A Moisturizing Agent 

It is common to feel extra squeaky clean by utilizing bar soap in a shower. A hidden fact is that bar soaps can surely provide extra cleansing to your body, but they can strip away the essential oils from your skin, resulting in over dryness.

Bar soaps generally contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant that strips away the body’s natural oils. Subsequently, they are high in pH levels compared to the body’s pH state.

The blend of harsh chemicals and high pH can transform your skin texture and dehydrate it, causing excessive irritation as your skin endeavors to combat way back to the needful pH state.

That is where a body wash comes in. The utilization of body wash provides better pH levels for your skin. It contains healthier and nature-derived ingredients such as moisturizing glycerin, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, making it the best skincare product in Pakistan that leaves moisturized skin and doesn’t strip away the natural oils in your body.

Body Wash Is Travel-friendly

If you hike a lot, then it means you shower a lot. While camping or hiking, utilization of soaps can be difficult; it is arduous to completely dry off the soap before stowing it in a backpack. Carrying a wet and creamy soap can create a big mess and worsen all the essentials required during camping. Therefore utilization of body wash is effortless; the bottled wash containing rich ingredients can be easily stowed in your backpack. The body wash is the best option when it is time to shower in the woods. There are numerous body wash in Pakistan that people utilize while going to the beautiful northern areas of our country.

Body Wash Last Longer Than Soap 

Soap is commonly placed at the corner of the shower with other essentials, due to that it is exposed to water and encounters splashes, which actively demonstrates that diminishing the actual size of the soap without the usage, and for that exact purpose, body wash in Pakistan are a smart product.

You can easily use every ounce of a body wash without wasting it. You have complete control over how much to squirt onto your loofah.

Body Washes Are The Best Exfoliator

Most of the body wash in Pakistan is infused with synthetic or natural exfoliant ingredients; it is recommended to use a loofah or a sea sponge to utilize or to rinse out the product off your skin gently. The increased usage of these showering tools provides an extra exfoliation while showering.

Body Wash Is Good For Chronic Skin Conditions

The chronic conditions demonstrated as rosacea, psoriasis, or acne are severe skin conditions that humans can encounter. However, a certain number of dermatologist recommends utilizing a shower gel or body wash as it vitally reduces the xerosis symptoms and delivers healthy ingredients to your skin to protect from diversified skin conditions.

However, a dermatologist may also tell you some ingredients to avoid. Therefore thoroughly read the ingredients before purchasing a body wash.

Best Body Wash Essential for you to Purchase

Irish Spring Original Body Wash for Men

The Irish spring original moisturizing face & body wash is an essential shower gel penetrating deeply into your skin and delivers healthy skin with a mesmerizing scent throughout the day. This 2-in-1 body wash is made from a blend of OECD 301, B, D, and E. this body wash price in Pakistan is effectively low compared to its extraordinary results. The stylish bottle of Irish Spring is infused with odor neutralization technology that retains freshness the whole day and keeps away the strong odor for good.


By delving into our website, you may find significant Irish spring body wash with diversified ingredients for the preferable results to the type of skin you obtain.

Adidas Shower Gel Adipower Maximum Performance

Adidas adipower maximum performance shower gel is well-crafted from potent and energetic capsules specialized to completely dry the scorching heat and offer a lasting fragrance for up to 3 days. You can smell flawless in the brutal weather by using the best skincare product in Pakistan.

The Adidas shower gel is specialized for athletes who spend most of their time jumping hoops or playing other sports in the heat of the sun.

Axe Dark Temptation Body Wash

The dark temptation Axe body wash in Pakistan is made with potent ingredients. The loving smell of chocolate with hints of spicy notes will significantly appeal to the person you want to impress. It will exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin layers or other impurities without leaving any residue. These body washes in Pakistan will effectively cleanse your body and provide a good and tempting smell. The Axe body wash price in Pakistan is relatively suited for every individual to purchase compared to other brands.


The mentioned benefits of body wash may leverage you to purchase this skincare product in Pakistan over soap. However, some soaps are effective in price range and deliver good results, but it is clinically, and dermatologists suggested utilizing a body wash.

Buy Body Wash Online in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best body wash in Pakistan? Say no more; our online Supermarket named Beautyfly will load you with vital yet effective skincare products in Pakistan that will keep away grimes and diversified skin problems away within miles. We solely believe in delivering authenticity and quality. Therefore our products are strictly imported from the USA to provide the originality of product to the individual.

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Best Personal Care Products In Pakistan

best personalcare products in pakistan

Personal care simply means catering to yourself with diversified essentials or nature-derived products to maintain hygiene and keep germs and bacteria away within miles.

Myriad products swear to soothe or calm our stressful minds or body. Thoroughly following an effective skin or hair care routine will let you attain good hygiene and free you from skin problems.

Several personal care products are available in Pakistan specially made for the individual to live a life with quality assurance.

Our company understands that every individual requires products that keep them serene and healthy at the same time. Therefore, we provide a high-quality product that fits the categories you most desire.

We have mentioned below essential products of diversified categories that are vital for an individual in order to have a good life.

Body Wash

The utilization of body wash will let receive squeaky clean and fresh feels. Body washes swear to deliver a great shower experience to the individual. However, it is arduous to delve into a body wash in Pakistan as most people utilize soaps in Pakistan.

Below, we have mentioned one of the best body washes in Pakistan that swear to lather up and provide irresistible freshness.

Adidas Pure Game 3-in-1 Relaxing Shower Gel

Adidas Pure game relaxing shower gel is formulated from healthy extracts of guaiac that softens the texture of your body. It balances the pH of the skin. The mixture of guaiac extract moisturizes your skin and relaxes your body. It is dermatologist tested and clinically proven to deliver exceptional results to the individual. This 3-in-1 body wash is suitable for hair, body, and face and makes it the best body wash in Pakistan. Beautyfly is delivering a low Adidas shower gel price in Pakistan.


  • These body washes gently cleanse your skin and protect you from odor.
  • The Guaiac extract and green woods diffuse a great scent in your body that keeps you smelling refreshed throughout the day.
  • It is a dermatologist and clinically proven to treat every skin type.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Dove Deeply nourishing body wash provides smoother and clearer skin in just one shower. It is formulated from the nutriummoisture technology that delivers natural ingredients to your skin to maintain the skin barrier. It deeply penetrates your skin layers and nourishes them. Endeavoring dove deep nourishing body wash is the best way to nurture your skin and lets you start your day with freshness. It is renowned as the best skincare product in Pakistan that creates a luxurious lather and restores skin lost nutrients.


  • This gentle cleanser has a creamy formula containing mild cleanser that guards your skin barrier gently.
  • The extraordinary blend filled in the dove deep body wash bottle essentially improves the skin condition and delivers smoothness in a single wash.
  • It is suitable to be used daily.

Body Lotion

Body lotion is a crucial product to obtain healthy and nourishing skin. The sole duty of body lotion is to cover the skin with an extra protective layer and retain the moisture to prevent dryness and other skin problems. However, a significant number of lotions are available in the market which confuses an individual to purchase the right product. For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below the effective body lotions in Pakistan, guaranteeing to provide desireful results to every individual residing in our country.

Nivea Body lotion (normal to dry skin)

Nivea Body lotion for daily moisture is well-made from the blend of Vitamin E, and other moisturizing serums mixed together to hydrate and nourish the skin. Subsequently, It wonderfully works on spreads to protect your skin barrier. The nourishing effect of this lotion delivers smooth, radiant, and healthy skin for 48 hours. Nivea lotion guarantees to deliver meaningful results to the individual. It has gained substantial positive reviews through prospects and is the best skincare product in Pakistan.


  • After usage, the visible nourishment will last for 48 hours.
  • It is a dermatologist and clinically proven to provide magnificent results to the individual.
  • The enriching blend made with vitamin E nourishes your skin and provides lasting hydration.


Aveeno Glowing Moisturizing lotion

Aveeno moisturizing lotion is clinically proven to be occlusive to your skin which actively demonstrates that it locks in the moisture and nourishes and hydrates skin. The Aveeno moisturizing lotion is specialized in healthy ingredients that swear to provide healthy and glowing skin that is needed by every individual. The gradual release of moisture stays in the skin for 24 hours. The Aveeno lotion for dry skin significantly heals dry to very dry skin and provides a glowy shine to your body and face.


  • This skincare product in Pakistan is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin.
  • It is made with a mixture of oatmeal and other healthy ingredients to moisturize your skin effectively.
  • This exclusive skincare product in Pakistan is dermatologist tested.

Hand Wash

People in Pakistan rarely utilize liquid hand wash as they prefer to use bar soap instead. However, many dermatologist experts recommend utilizing liquid handwash over bar soap due to the effective cleaning of your hands. Liquid soaps can be effortlessly used and prevent the spreading of germs. Hand washes are great moisturizing agents, therefore retaining moisture and preventing drying out. The hand wash price in Pakistan is relatively reasonable for everyone to purchase.

Dove Deep Cleaning Hand Wash with Cucumber & Green Tea

This Nourishing hand wash is formulated with healthy ingredients and infused with the scent of green tea and cucumber to deeply cleanse your hands and keep germs within miles. After usage, it will essentially keep your hands moisturized for a long period and ensure to make your skin soft. Dove products are renowned as the best skin care products in Pakistan, providing meticulous benefits.


  • It is free from sulfate and other irritating substances.
  • The blend contains 5x more moisture than any other hand wash.
  • It retains nourishment and produces a good smell. 

Sexual Wellness

In order to obtain a healthy lifestyle, you need to have good bodily love with your married partner. Otherwise, it leads an individual to be stressed and depressed. However, many individual encounters diversified troubles while having intercourse with their partner. Therefore we have mentioned below some of the effective sexual wellness products in Pakistan that will help you have a joyful and lasting love with your partner.

GNC Mega Men 50 Plus daily Tablets

GNC mega men contain various healthy vitamins and minerals that support several functions, including the better function of eye, heart, and brain health and, most importantly, the health of your sex life. It is formulated from Lutemax and ginkgo Biloba extract that increases blood flow in your body and helps you have a good memory system. The blend of Saw palmetto and Lycopene in these sex pills in Pakistan agitates a good erection of an individual and helps them spend more time with their bed partner. The GNC mega daily tablets are spectacularly one of the best sex pills in Pakistan.

Durex Duration and Delay Gel for Men

The application of Durex delay spray enables you to have long-lasting pleasureful sex with your partner. It increases the continuance, helps you last longer in bed, and provides a good pleasure to your partner. The spray vitally increases the duration up to 10 to 15 minutes of your normal session. It is an easy-to-use delay gel that offers a comfortable experience to you. The Durex price in Pakistan is essentially low and provides a fantastic delay spray that can help you satisfy your wife in an enhanced way.


The products mentioned above are renowned as the best personal caring product that is essential for you to utilize in order to obtain healthy and quality life. The utilization of this essential skincare and sexual product will keep you joyful and remove depression from your life.


Buy Personal Care Products Online in Pakistan

It is arduous to delve into original personal care products in Pakistan; therefore, we effectively provide an array of care products to every individual residing in Pakistan who is keen to have a quality of life.

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