5 Ways To Keep Your Makeup In Place During Hot Summers Of 2022

Hot Summer Tips

The Last few days were surely scorching for most individuals. The sweltering days of April & May have been recorded as the hottest in many years. However, the number of cities in Pakistan is constantly vulnerable to heatwaves. The sweltering weather can play a huge impact on an individual’s skin surface.

Besides the delicacy of skin, females encounter melted foundation, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick. Makeup ruins can be pretty damaging to empowered women’s look.

For that exact purpose, you need to imply a few makeup tricks that will do wonders for you in scorching summer.

Owning a few of the makeup kits suitable for hot summers will be positive for your looks and vanity. Beautyfly offers a reasonable makeup kit price in Pakistan to every individual who strives for cosmetics suitable to use during sweltering days.

We have mentioned below some vital tips for you to utilize while getting ready on hot days. Many halal makeup brands in Pakistan proudly present their exclusive stock—to handle your skin in summers.

5 Hot Summer Makeup tips that you should know 

Start your day with Oil-free Moisturizer

The way you cater to your skin on a hot day, similarly, do it for your makeup as well. Starting your day with the application of oil-free moisturizer will keep your skin condition optimum and keep your skin safe from greasiness caused by heat. Several dermatologists and renowned beautician suggests, cater your skin needs daily with an oil-free moisturizer and going for an oil-free foundation for perfect looks on hot days!

For your convenience, we have mentioned below a beneficial oil-free moisturizer that will keep your skin texture wonderful in the summers.

Cetaphil Oil-free Moisturizer with SPF 35 Sunscreen 

Cetaphil oil-free moisturizer with SPF 35 will be the best treatment for your skin. The 3-in-1 moisturizer hydrates, nourish, and protects your skin on skin melting days. It is formulated with edelweiss flower extracts and other beneficial ingredients that profoundly absorb your skin and deliver a nourishing effect to your skin barriers. The lightweight moisturizer is infused with SPF 35 sunscreen to turn on the shield against harmful sun rays. The Cetaphil moisturizer price in Pakistan is significantly low so that you can keep your skin on rest with no demand for extra cash! This moisturizer will be perfect for you and your makeup during hot summers!

Less Makeup is Beautiful

Being simple is what individuals seek. Playing the game of simplicity during hot summers will be perfect for you. Wearing excessive makeup on hot days may result in increasing and caking. For that exact purpose, less is more beautiful. Besides makeup, your natural beauty may capture many hearts around you.

Invest in Strong Primers

Using primers may save your makeup day. Applying a primer after moisturizer and before face makeup will do wonders for you in summer. Using a powerful primer of renowned makeup brands in Pakistan will keep your makeup in place without feeling bulky on your skin.

NYX shine Killer Primer

Indulging the primer with the license to kill shininess in hot summers should be a viable option for you. The charcoal-made NYX shine killer primer soaks up the excess oils from your skin while keeping it hydrated. The lightweight colorless gel is made with an oil-free formula to keep your makeup fresh all day long. The NYX primer price in Pakistan is relatively low and offers ultimate benefits in extreme summer.

NYX is one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan that provides essential cosmetics for every season. Therefore, indulging the NYX cosmetics will let you feel the good makeup vibes every season.

Let your Skin Breath

Keeping your skin breathable is the ultimate solution to break the heat while wearing intensive makeup. Using a waterproof foundation and other cosmetics in Pakistan will keep your skin breathable and wonderful.

For amazing cosmetics, contacting Beautyfly will be the best solution for your makeup challenges. They are willing to offer the best makeup product in Pakistan with price that is completely reasonable.

Don’t be too Shimmery

Undoubtedly, every girl loves a nice shimmery glow. However, shimmers can be heavy on your delicate face—in hot summers; the shimmers should be a big no. Using Creamy foundation or other cosmetics that are too luminous will keep your skin sweaty-looking and weak.


The sweltering weather conditions are never-ending. Therefore seeking breathable and lightweight makeup products in Pakistan will keep your makeup intact for extensive periods and be in place throughout the occasion.

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