Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Night Firming Moisturiser 50 ml
Dove Body Love, Hand Cream Intense Care, For Dry Skin, Restoring Ceramide Serum, 3 FL.OZ (88.5ml)
Nutrifactor Nucal Z Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc, 30 Tablets (Support Bone & Immune Health)
Bio-Life M-Cid Advance Mix Fruit Flavour 120Ml
Ascetic Health Care Hairline Hair Serum Makes Hair Thick Strong & Re Grow 30 ML
Ascetic Health Care Deline-C Vitamin C Serum For Healthier & Brighter Skin 30 ML
Ascetic Health Care Hydroline Moisturising Serum Improve Skin Elasticity 30 ML
Ascetic Health Care Acneline Anti Acne Serum 30 ML
Bio-Life Stay-D Vitamin D-3 200000 IU 1 Capsule
Bio-Life KFKIN Cough Syrup IVY Leaf Extract Fast Relief 120Ml
Bio-Life Now Moov Rapid Relief Cream from Pain in Muscles & Joint 25g
Bio Life Hyloron C Serum Vitamin C High Potency L-Ascorbic Acid 25 ml


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Beautyfly is a leading E-commerce store that solely believes in providing customers with original essential products from the USA. We assure to handle trusted products at cost-effective prices while maintaining convenience for our customers.

We know that hygiene is one of the beneficial factors that will keep you healthy and jubilant. For that exact purpose, we are offering a wide range of product categories to our customers. Namely:
Hair care
Skin care
Sexual Wellness

Beautyfly guarantees in providing qualified products that will retain your hygiene in the best way.

Hair care products in Pakistan

Every individual in Pakistan pays constant attention to their hair and for that exact purpose, we are offering different essential hair care products that will help you take care of your mane.

Effective Shampoos in Pakistan

  • Beautyfly is providing an array of effective shampoo brands that will nourish your hair and guarantees to provide healthy hair with crystal shine that you always needed.
    We are selling shampoos in Pakistan that will:
    Stimulate healthy hair growth
    Reduces hair loss
    Completely clear dandruff
    Anti-frizzle your hair
    Curl your hair ( if you purchase a curling perfection shampoo)
    With gratitude in our hearts, we assure to provide faultless shampoos in Pakistan so that you can flex your hair and pop the eyes of the people you want to impress and love.

Dry Shampoo in Pakistan

We all heard the famous proverb “time is money” and we understand that shampooing hair can consume a substantial amount of time and effort. While considering your time as money, Beautyfly is proposing a broad spectrum of dry shampoo in Pakistan, so that you can retain the freshness of your hair for days without shampooing.

  • We are selling dry shampoo in Pakistan that will effectively:
    Saves your time
    Absorbs oil
    Diminish any odor from your hair
    Increase the color longevity
    Retain the healthiness of your hair
    Volumize your hair

Hair Conditioner in Pakistan

Utilization of shampoo is clearly beneficial for your hair, however, shampoos do half of the work on your hair. The other half is essentially performed by significant conditioners. Therefore, we are providing the best conditioner for hair in Pakistan that will enhance the shine of your hair and smoothen it up for you.

Beautyfly is essentially selling the best conditioner for hair in Pakistan that will significantly:
Soften your hair

  • Make hair silky smooth and tangle-free
  • Guard your hair
  • Help you with your messy mane
  • Anti-frizzle your hair.

Hair Styling products in Pakistan

Signify your hair by using essential hair styling products in Pakistan. Beautyfly believes that hair hygiene is important. However, we also believe that every individual needs to style their hair by using essential hair styling products for obtaining aesthetically attractive and flawless hair.
Our company is exclusively providing the best hair styling products in Pakistan such as:

  • Mousse
  • Hair spray
  • Hair gel
  • Volumizing Hair spray
  • Hair gel for curly hair
  • The hair styling products we are offering will enhance your personality make you look more handsome or beautiful.

Hair Growth Oil in Pakistan

Our trusted company is extensively providing hair growth oil in Pakistan to individuals who are facing hair loss problems or just want to grow their hair longer. The hair oil products we offer will significantly stimulate the hair growth process and will essentially maintain the nourishment of your hair.

We are extensively providing hair growth oil in Pakistan that will effectively:

  • Fights dry scalp and dandruff
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Add shine
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals or other non-natural ingredients.

Beautyfly is a determined E-commerce store that prioritizes customers by catering them with the best hair care products in Pakistan to enhance their personality and self-esteem.

Best Skin Care Products in Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan are perplexed over providing the best care to their skin, therefore, being careless about your skin can lead you to have:
excessive dryness

Due to that reason, we are offering magnificent skin care products in Pakistan that will help you to retain the moisture of your skin.

What types of face treatment products do we offer?

  • Moisturizers
  • Cleansers
  • Body Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Body Lotions
  • Lip Balm


In order to treat your skin with the best, we are offering a broad spectrum of moisturizing products in Pakistan that will essentially:

  • Reduces the chance of skin problems
  • Reduce the appearance of other blemishes
  • Help your skin to stay young
  • Fight wrinkles
  • Reduce dryness


Due to the rough environment in Pakistan, dirt and other residues gather on your face which requires frequent attention. In that case, we are providing beneficial facial cleansers that will fight dirt and other residues and significantly increase the glow.

  • Effective cleansers of different brands will essentially:
  • Hydrate and soften your skin
  • Diminishes dry and dead skin cells
  • Make your skin healthier and smoother.

Lip Care

There are many individuals that have chapped lips like cracked or sore lips in cold, winter, or in dry weather. For that exact purpose, we are offering effective lip balms so that you can un-chap your lips.

What do our Lip products essentially offer to our customers?

  • Avoid excruciating pain of chapped lips
  • Keeps your new skin cells protected
  • Make your lips look better
  • Supple your lips.

Body Wash

By exploring our website you can essentially seek the best body wash products of different brands in the market. We are essentially providing the ideal skincare products in Pakistan that will retain your hygiene.

Our effective body washers and shower gel will essentially:

  • Hydrate your body
  • exfoliate your skin
  • Be more hygienic

Hand Wash

Hands are the only part of the body that gets filthy constantly throughout the day and is required to wash them as soon as possible.

Beautyfly is offering hand washes that you may need to purchase rapidly.
Our hand washing products deeply clean your hands that will essentially remove germs and prevents infections.

Body Lotion

Dry skin is one of the biggest issues that are faced by a number of individuals. However, some lotions aren’t that effective for people with excessively dry skin. In that case, we are offering a number of body lotions that are well-made in the USA and directly imported. The body lotions of different brands in our store will surely moisturize your skin.

Sexual Wellness

Our company is offering an array of sexual products including:

Our Supported Brands

Banana Boat
Clean & Clear
Every Man Jack
Herbal Essences
Irish Spring
johnson baby
Ky Jelly
Nature’s Bounty
Oral B

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